Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog Design

It came to my mind - how in the world people can create such an amazing blog templates? Can look for hours at some of them and wonder. So, I was thinking what it takes to create a nice, friendly blog? Looking at the Amazon for books, should probably go to Borders too.
New soap coming up soon!


Saturday, April 24, 2010


I’ve been thinking… You know all that theories, fights, and claims about synthetic preservatives in the cosmetic? Parabens, aluminum, glycols, MEA, DEA on other things that I can’t even pronounce. Ones say it is ok to use them in such a small amount. Others say no way. So I’ve been thinking and tried to find that happy center. I’ve googled this topic, read bunch of articles, but whom do you believe?
On one hand, it does make sense that if you use only 1% of preservatives in your cosmetic – it won’t kill you. The main purpose of using them is to prevent bacteria and molds in our lotions. When we spend $10-$30 on the cream and lotion we do not expect them to have “green hair” after a month of the purchase.
On another hand, when I buy milk, I’m expecting it to get sour in a week or so, otherwise it is not real milk. I don’t want any preservatives in my food whatsoever. But lotions are food too for our skin, so why would I want to have synthetic preservatives there? There are some natural preservatives like oils, honey, sugar, salt and etc. Those ingredients don’t give 2 years shelf life, but can keep lotions fresh for 3-6 months.
I guess it is all about people’s priorities and wishes. It is a choice.
So what is mine choice? I think I’ll stick to the nature. It doesn’t bother me if my lotion will have mold after a while, I’ll make new one. Mold will tell me that there was nothing harmful in that jar and I didn’t do any harm to my skin.
I think I'll make both types with and without preservatives. If the customer will chose to go without I'll simply educate and let them decide what is important for them.

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