Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sugar Scrub

Yesterday I made a sugar scrub. Nothing fancy, just some clear M&P base, grape seed oil, sugar, apple fragrance oil and colorant. But, it is sooooooo cool! I used it in the shower last night, and it doesn't leave that greasy feeling after you used it (like some scrubs from the containers). I think it has something to do with a little soap in it. I still need to play with the amount of fragrance oil and probably use different type of sugar. I used just simple white sugar, but I'm thinking to use raw sugar in the next batch.

Sugar scrubs are also great for the "garden" hands. Last night I went to pick some tomatoes and other vegetables from the garden and didn't put on gloves. Well, if you have a garden you probably know that after you harvest your vegetables, your hands have that nice greenish - brownish color that is very hard to wash away. I just grabbed a little piece of the sugar scrub, and my hands were white and squeaky :-)

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Favourite Thing from Bramble Berry

I'm relatively new to the soap making, but I love it. The other day, when my husband helped me to get the soap out of the mold, he told me: "You know, I'm at that point that I'm ready to make soaps too!" :-)))
So far, my favourite (and my husband's too) fragrance oil is Applejack Peel. It smells so delicious, and I couldn't believe that I made that soap with my own hands. It is awesome!
The other thing that I love about Bramble Berry is their customer service. In my last order I ordered a pound of walnut seeds to try them out in the recipe. I've noticed that the packet was too small for a lb, it was only 1 oz. Well, I understand that it was probably a mistake so I wrote an e-mail to BB, and within just few hours I've got a reply saying that they are very sorry for this mistake and they're sending me the rest of the seeds. I didn't even hope for that, but for sure it was a very nice thing to hear!
Thank you Bramble Berry for being such a great business that respects their customers. It is always a pleasure to have a business with you!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chocolate - Coffee and Apple - Walnut Seed

I was playing in the kitchen last weekend with my soaps and here what I've created:

1. Chocolate - coffee. Smells soooo delicious and has a real ground coffee in it
2. Apple Jack - Walnut Seeds. Smells even better and has a real walnut seeds in it. It would be a great scrubbing soap.
Now, the hardest part - I have to wait for 4 weeks before I can try them out... auuuuu...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Little Anniversary

Today is exactly 4 years since I landed in Washington D.C. It seems that it happened just yesterday... Lufthansa lost my bag (with my make up supplies!!!)... Met Anna at the hotel and spent two days learning CPR and how to become a good nanny... Couldn't call Wayne from the hotel just because didn't have enough guts (I even picked up the phone and started to dial the number :-) but hanged up)... Flew to Reno, NV to meet Scott, Geraldine and little Ashley... Spent about two weeks in Canada (saw the most beautiful mountains and the OCEAN)... I'm so happy to have such wonderful memories that can warm me up!

Friday, August 6, 2010

My First Cold Process Soap!!!

Yay! I did it! I made it!

Well, it was supposed to be swirls, but I whipped it too much and have layers instead :-)

Now, I have to wait for 4 weeks before I can use it. And I already have an inspiration to make another batch. There are so many awesome soaps on Etsy. OMG! I wish someday I make such a perfect loaf of soap!

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