Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm home...

I’m finally home … for another 24 hours … tomorrow I’m heading to Chicago for another interview … Busy!

KDV Internship had been a great experience. What a wonderful people work there, I enjoyed every single day! It was amazing how interesting and challenging it was. Some days I just couldn’t wrap my head around the client’s situation, but all other friendly staff would help me, or just guide me in the right direction. I can’t even count how many “aha” moments I’ve had in the past three months. I’m just so satisfied with my experience, and I know for sure that public accounting is where I want to be. I’m also thinking about law school in the future, that would be interesting too, but we’ll see…

New soap… Wayne and I just made a batch of the Tea Soap. But you’ll have to wait for the pictures. He was bugging me to make soap with him so much; he was like a kid literally! But it is so fun to work with him, I really enjoy that I can share this wonderful hobby with him!


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