Friday, August 27, 2010

My Favourite Thing from Bramble Berry

I'm relatively new to the soap making, but I love it. The other day, when my husband helped me to get the soap out of the mold, he told me: "You know, I'm at that point that I'm ready to make soaps too!" :-)))
So far, my favourite (and my husband's too) fragrance oil is Applejack Peel. It smells so delicious, and I couldn't believe that I made that soap with my own hands. It is awesome!
The other thing that I love about Bramble Berry is their customer service. In my last order I ordered a pound of walnut seeds to try them out in the recipe. I've noticed that the packet was too small for a lb, it was only 1 oz. Well, I understand that it was probably a mistake so I wrote an e-mail to BB, and within just few hours I've got a reply saying that they are very sorry for this mistake and they're sending me the rest of the seeds. I didn't even hope for that, but for sure it was a very nice thing to hear!
Thank you Bramble Berry for being such a great business that respects their customers. It is always a pleasure to have a business with you!


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