Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Got bored!

I probably spent couple hours thinking how to start my first post on my first blog, and.... didn't have a clue... so I just sat down and started to push some buttons :-)
I'm 26 y.o. EZ Girl from Russia (sorry about my English, I try to do my best. If you see any mistakes, please smile!)
To make it sweet and short - I got board over the weekend. It is two more weeks till school starts, my mom went back home (after 3 wonderful months that she spent with us), so besides going to work, cooking and watching movies I need something else.
Well, I'm pretty "crafted" person (means that I don't have both left or both right hands :-)) I love knitting, crochet, cross-stitching (I even won state competition when I was 14), not-too-hard sawing projects. But this time I just wanted something different, something that I've never tried. After few days searching of that something-that-I-would-like, I found a bunch of interesting websites, blogs, forums... And soap making... Yeah... After more time searching I know - I want to try it out!



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