Thursday, January 21, 2010

I did it!!!

Ok, my box arrived yesterday!!! Full of fun stuff. I was so excited that barely could sit still and finish my dinner. The day before I went to the dollar store and bought few baking dishes and containers to use them as molds (just $4.20!!!)

I got few micas and dioxides (I hope I spelled it wright :-)), dozen fragrance oils and cherry FO as a free sample and pound of each clear and white soaps from Bramble Berry (

For few days I was watching episodes on YouTube - Soap Queen TV with Anne-Marie. It is a GREAT tutorial for the beginners like me, she explains how to melt soap, add oils and colors, do layers and swirls. So I followed her instructions to make a swirl soap. What a fun!

1. Cut soap in a little pieces and melt it. Will never do it again. I had to reheat it over and over, as I was too slow and it would harden on me. Add Fragrance oils (0.25 oz per 1 lb or 1.5 tsp).

2. Pour first clear layer and sprinkled with the Fairy Dust :-)

3. Mixed different colours and made swirls. (For future - buy liquid colors, it is a hassle to make them!)
4. Done! Let it stand for 4-6 hours. I left it overnight. This morning it looked like this and smelled cherries :-)
Now I need to find out where I can get more base! :-)))


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