Monday, May 31, 2010

Pike Place Market

The next day we went to Seattle, walked down the Pike Place. It is a huge market, where artists from the state sell what they make by hands. If it is not handmade, you can’t sell it – that’s the rule!

Did you ever heard about the “Flying Fish”. It is a little company (or maybe not so little), that sell any kind of fish and sea products that you can imagine. When you go there to buy some fish, it is always fresh. And they always make a little bit of the show at that place, throwing a gigantic salmon or a King Crab. You can see a lot of tourists around their spot. I’ve heard about them about a year ago at my school, check their web site.

At the Pike Place Market you can walk hours and hours looking at little things, trying different food and just enjoy your time. I bough some wonderful honey there from the Snoqualmie Valley Honey Farm. They had about 50 (!) different honey, and I tried them all :-) Delicious!!!
Another interesting purchase - Black Currant fruit spread. They also had a lot of spreads for trying. Some even had hot pepers and combined sweatness and hotness. Different.
It was a wonderful day. If you're going to visit Seattle, make sure to stop by this wonderfl place - Pike Place Market.


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