Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tea Time? Bath Time!

I found two recipes of the bath teas at Soap Queen BlogSpot and gave it a try. One is “Healing Orange” contains Chamomile, Calendula, Orange Peel, Vitamin E oil and Orange Essential oil. The other one is “Relaxing Rose and Lavender” contains Lavender, Pink Moroccan Rosebuds, Lavender Essential oil and Vitamin E oil. Before I put those recipes together I did a research about bath teas and I found a lot of interesting and useful information. For example, our body can absorb a lot of nutrition’s through our skin, such as antioxidants and minerals that come from tea. This bath can nourish the skin and relax the body. I also found out about Cleopatra’s famous Milk Baths. It appears that she was a very beautiful woman, and one of her secrets was to soak in milk bath. This would probably be one of my next projects!


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